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1814 - 1865: Václav Frost  (CZ)

1814 - 1865: Václav Frost (CZ)

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Václav Frostwas born on February 4, 1814 in Nosálov, he died on June 21, 1865 in Konojedy (Litoměřice district), and was buried in Olšany cemeteries in Prague.

He studied at the grammar school in Mladá Boleslav, held philosophical studies in Prague and theological studies in Litoměřice.

In 1837 he was appointed chaplain to Mšen, where he began to teach deaf-mute children from the surrounding area on his own initiative.

In 1840 he was called as the first teacher to the Prague Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, of which he became director and catechist in 1841. (...)

He published the pictorial "Orbis pictus" and a German textbook in two volumes for the deaf and dumb. For numerous merits for the deaf and dumb, he was awarded the "Golden Cross of Merit with a crown" and appointed honorary constitutional council of Budweis. Bn.

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Source: https://nosalov.eu/nosalovska-skola/vaclav-frost-pedagog/

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