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1894 -1960: Kazimierz Wiszniewski (PL), Graphic Designer

1894 -1960: Kazimierz Wiszniewski (PL), Graphic Designer

Who was Kazimierz Wiszniewski? It turns out that in the history of art we have famous deaf artists who were known and respected in their time.

The project "Poland enchanted in the art of Kazimierz Wiszniewski" tells about his life and his work. His work is somewhat forgotten today and the aim of the project is to restore the memory of Kazimierz Wiszniewski as an excellent graphic designer and artist who commemorated the beauty of Polish landscape and Polish architecture in his works.

The art of Kazimierz Wiszniewski is also a very important part of the history of the deaf community in Poland and deserves to be introduced to the deaf and hard of hearing in the form of film materials and publications posted on the project website.


YouTube Kazimierz Wiszniewski

Video in Polish Sign Language with Polish subtitles. But you can select 'automatic translation' to see the subtitles in your own language. 

Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/gKFRSxjYQ2H8no4K7

Source: http://kazimierzwiszniewski.surdushistory.org.pl/?fbclid=IwAR0cSGDOEjNoAaiJN-d5qKb16oyNRH5jg9bDKRjRq3K4Qi-SbUlIU3glxKk

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