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2001: Foundation of Signdance Collective International (UK, NL)

2001: Foundation of Signdance Collective International (UK, NL)

The Signdance Collective is a touring performance company that was established in 2001. The company is culturally diverse with a team of experienced deaf and disabled artists at the helm.

From 1987 to 2000, the company directors pioneered "signdance theatre", a fusion of sign theatre, dance and live original music.

Since 2001, Signdance Collective has continued to evolve signdance theatre initiating international collaborations and working alongside innovative artists, theatre philosophers and performance companies across the world.

The directors at Signdance Collective have worked with hundreds of people of all ages throughout the UK and internationally, delivering workshops, and producing new work.

The company is one of the first in the world to utilise and introduce the concept of inclusive practice with a specific focus on disability-deaf led team work.


Source: http://www.signdancecollectiveinternational.com/

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