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1991: Asociácia Nepočujúcich Slovenska (ANEPS) ; Slovak Association of the Deaf

ANEPS was founded as a civil association continuing the tradition of the Slovak Association of the Hearing Impaired (SZSP), formerly the Association of the Disabled. 

The Association of the Deaf of Slovakia (ANEPS) is a voluntary civic association of a humanitarian and charitable nature, formed by the hearing impaired themselves, which deals with

  • the life of the deaf,
  • his problems
  • help in finding solutions to problems,
  • consulting activity,
  • social prevention for deaf people,
  • legislative issues that concern persons with hearing impairments,
  • communication and cooperation with state institutions (ministry and representative bodies, state administration bodies, higher territorial units, local self-government bodies,
  • professional activity in the field of subtitles for people with hearing impairment as the main tool for understanding audiovisual works,
  • creating ways for deaf people to communicate and be informed,

ANEPS is made up of individual Centers for the deaf, located in specific cities in Slovakia , which carry out their activities, have their own chairman, who communicates directly with the management of ANEPS (presidium), headed by the president of ANEPS. The Presidium ensures the compliance of the activities of individual Deaf Centers and their support.

Source: http://www.aneps.wbl.sk

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