1809: First School for the Deaf in Sweden, Stockholm

1809: First School for the Deaf in Sweden, Stockholm

Manillaskolan, founded in 1809 and was Sweden's first school for deaf and blind children. When the school was a boarding school where both teachers and students lived, it was included in the teacher's job to take care of the children during the time they had no lessons. Teacher on duty would, among other things. make sure that the children were awakened in the morning, kept clean and tidy, bathing his morning and evening prayers, came on time to class, read their homework and get to bed on time.

The first initiative to the deaf Institute in Sweden were taken by Pär Aron Borg, who was self-taught in the field. In 1809, Borg examination with 14 blind and deaf and dumb children whom he taught at his home. The following year he opened Blindes and döfstummes institutions in a property on Drottninggatan in Stockholm.
1823-1828 was the Borg in Portugal, where he founded a deaf school; This is the reason why Portugal and Sweden has almost the same hand alphabet.

Manillaskolan now:

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