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SI: Ciril Sitar

SI: Ciril Sitar Ljubljana

Ulica za travniki 40
1260 Ljubljana - Polje

Ciril Sitar (1889-1969), who became deaf as a child, was a Slovenian activist and fighter for the rights of people with hearing loss. Having attended a school for the deaf in Ljubljana, he trained as a printer. In Austria, he got acquainted with the labor movement and organized activities of the deaf.

He was one of the most prominent persons in the organized activity of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in Slovenia in the interwar period. He was also the first president of the joint organization of the deaf and hard of hearing in the former Yugoslavia and the first president of the Association of
the deaf and hard of hearing in Slovenia after the Second World War. He was also the owner of a well-known printing house and later a stamp-engraving workshop, where he employed deaf persons.
The Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ljubljana dedicated a memorial plaque in Zadobrova (Ljubljana) to him.

Source: Tanja Pihlar, ZDGNS, October 2022