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NO: Washerwoman

NO: Washerwoman Trondheim

Norsk Døvemuseum
Bispegata 9 b, Trondheim, Norway

In the backyard of the Norsk Døvemuseum museum stands a sculpture of what may be a washerwoman (Vaskekona). The sculpture was made by Tone Thiis Schjetne and is called "The woman by the water post".
On the FB page of the Museum, it says:
"There are several stories about the kind washerwomen at the deaf schools. The washerwoman was often a safe and good adult for the children who lived far from home.
Back in the day, children in deaf schools were not allowed to go home to their families until they were confirmed. Traveling could be expensive and a boat ride home could take a whole week.
It so happened that the washerwoman brought children home from school on weekends. Then the children got a trip out of the boarding school and they got to be part of a family for a few days."