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1905: Kuurojen Liittoo ry, Finnish Association of the Deaf

The Association of the Deaf is an interest organization for sign language speakers. The deaf founded this own organization in 1905. The union's premises are located in the White House in Helsinki.

The Aszociation of the Deaf is the national federation of 39 member associations, employing just under 70 people.

Representatives of the member associations meet annually for a regular general meeting. The General Assembly exercises the highest decision-making power of the organization. The board elected by it is responsible for the practical operation of the Association of the Deaf together with the management team.


Sign language lives strong in a pluralistic, multilingual and multicultural society. The Association of the Deaf is the leading interest and service organization in its field, both nationally and internationally.


The mission of the Association of the Deaf is to guarantee the realization of human rights and equal opportunities for the deaf.

Photo White House Helsinki

White House, Helsinki

Source: https://kuurojenliitto.fi

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