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1953, 1999: Dovenschap Nieuwe Stijl Deaf Association of the Netherlands

In 1953, the Dovenraad (Council of the Deaf) was founded. 

In 1992, the Council of the Deaf succumbed to organizational and financial problems. Three years later, a new organization was founded: NEDO, the Dutch Deaf Organisation. NEDO did not have an easy time in the beginning because they had to regain the trust of the consultation partners.

In 1999 NEDO was transformed into the current Dovenschap.

Dovenschap is in fact an umbrella body in which 6 national organizations for the deaf and 13 regional welfare foundations are affiliated. It consists of a board of 6 board members (all volunteers), who all have one or more portfolio(s) in their duties. 

Important policies for Dovenschap include:

  • Recognition of the Sign Language of the Netherlands
  • Good information for parents of deaf children (including about the cochlear implant and Sign Language)
  • Good quality education for the deaf
  • Equal treatment of the deaf in society. Accessibility of society
  • Sufficient supply of sign language interpreters

Partly as a result of the government's changed subsidy policy, Dovenschap has become a membership organization as of April 21, 2007, so that individual membership is also possible. T

Source: http://www.dovenschap.nl

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