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1949: Foundation of the Deutsches Gehörlosen-Theater e.V., Germany

1949: Foundation of the Deutsches Gehörlosen-Theater e.V., Germany

The German Deaf Theater (Deutsches Gehörlosen-Theater e.V., DGT for short) was founded over half a century ago with the aim that the deaf people can visit a theater in their language and that the deaf actors can come out of themselves and slip into other roles and still be themselves stay.

But that's not all the DGT is supposed to do. The theater also carries literature, we offer everything from antique dramas, Comedia Dell 'Arte to modern theater art.

It is very important to us to include the deaf actors in the conceptual decisions of all directors and so everyone can contribute their strengths and skills and thus contribute to the overall success of the project.

Theater art conveys new perspectives, different modes of action, empowerment, attitudes to life, self-esteem and above all education, especially in times of inclusion society.

Deaf actors have long been discriminated outsiders. That shouldn't be anymore. On stage they are free spirits and rebels who maintain the culture of the deaf. It is simply fascinating to see how the deaf actors on stage implement their creative ideas with such passion, as if it were about life and death, about everything or nothing.

Source: http://www.gehoerlosentheater.de/

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